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Henry Mayer award

Henry Mayer book prize 2015

'The Professionals' wins Henry Mayer book prize

Thanks to the Australian Political Studies Association, 'The Professionals' has been awarded the Henry Mayer Book Prize for Australian Politics 2015. The Prize, awarded biennially, recognises the best book on Australian politics (including political history) published during the previous two years. The award was announced at APSA's annual conference at the University of Canberra in September 2015.

Henry Mayer was a giant in Australian political studies. Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney 1969-84, Mayer essentialy founded and pioneered the study of Australian elections and of media communications. His edited book Labor to Power: Australia's 1972 Election (Angus and Robertson 1973) was the first national election study published in this country - a landmark event. The Professionals follows in its wake, so it's a deep honour to have my work recognised in this way.

 - Stephen Mills, October 2015 

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