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2015, November, 16

Parties and Campaigning

  My new chapter on parties and election campaigns has been published (at last!). It's part of a great new collection of scholarly articles about Australian political parties (details below). I'm trying to show just how central the party officials are to the contemporary campaign model. Here's an excerpt:  "In pursuit of electoral success, national party officials responded to what they understood as the logic of electoral competition, which rewards campaigns that are centralised, s

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2015, October, 9

Henry Mayer award Feature

'The Professionals' wins Henry Mayer book prize Thanks to the Australian Political Studies Association, 'The Professionals' has been awarded the Henry Mayer Book Prize for Australian Politics 2015. The Prize, awarded biennially, recognises the best book on Australian politics (including political history) published during the previous two years. The award was announced at APSA's annual conference at the University of Canberra in September 2015. Henry Mayer was a giant in Australian poli

2015, June, 16

'Parties and Campaigns' in Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations “It seems clear that the 'professional' tag refers not to the political skills and popularity of the leaders, or to the relative efficacy of the parties’ policies or ideologies, but to the capabilities of the rival parties’ organisations, particularly in the context of elections. ‘Professional’ describes, with positive and negative connotations, both the Liberal Party and the ALP, in government and in op

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2014, November, 21

Strategy, Money and the Rise of the Political Campaigner in Australia "The Professionals" tells the story of how Australian election campaigns and political parties have changed, from the pre-television era through to the social media/ micro-targeted campaigns of today. Who drives this change? The campaign professionals in the party head offices. The book, based on my PhD research, is published by Black Inc. For more details:

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